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Below is an attempt to capture some of Randy's career highlights and the great talent he has worked with. If we leave someone off, please forgive us and let us know!


Thurl Bailley - Thurl, a former NBA star, released a great CD called "I'm Not The Same" produced by funk-master Craig Poole. I was asked to play in his band to the CD tour. He sounded great and he made me laugh as he introduced me as "Randy T from [insert a different city every night]!" It was a hoot.


Kurt Bestor - I was honored to play in Kurt's band for the "Keepers of the Flame" concerts at the 2002 Winter Olympics. I have also had the pleasure of engineering several recording projects where Kurt contributed his incredible arranging/composing skills.


Kim Bracken - I helped Kim with two CDs and still consider it some on my best work. She is an outstanding talent and so much fun to work with. We are currently working on another project that will be used possibly with a self-help book her husband is writing. Again, it feels like some of our best music to date together.


Sam Cardon - I first worked with Sam years ago on projects we hoped would become the next generation of elevator music (classic tunes worked up with very hip arrangements). I was the recording engineer on those projects and was so impressed with Sam's talents. I was later asked to join is band for a California Tour and a performance at the 2002 Catalina Jazz Festival. It was an honor to play with such an incredible musician. What a gas that was!


Kenneth Cope - I have worked on various projects with Kenneth, as a recording engineer, composer, arranger, even in his band for TV appearances for his award winning music. One of the personal highlights of my career was getting to sing a duet with Kenneth as the Smith brothers on his "My Servant Joseph" CD.


Julie de Azevedo - I believe Julie's first album was the first project I produced. She and I wrote the tunes together, and I arranged/produced them. It was so much fun, and I still listen to the music (which is now 20 years old...ugh!) and am proud of our work. Julie and I worked on several projects together, especially as songwriters. She is simply a wonderful talent and I was lucky to share so many great creative moments with her.


Lex de Azevedo - Composer/Arranger Lex de Azevedo was really my first employer in the music industry. I worked by his side for many years as his recording engineer, assistant producer, assistant arranger and composer... He taught me so much (whether he meant to or not) and continually provided me with opportunities to learn and grow. I watched, I listened, I learned. So, not only did I have the honor of working with such an incredible talent on dozens of projects, I consider him the most influential and important mentor of my music career.


Michael Dowdle - Some musicians reach a level of excellence where you can no longer place them on the same playing field as other. Michael is one of those musicians. I would list him among the best guitarists on the planet. I have played with Michael a very long time (and frankly was never worthy of being on stage with him), and more recently was part of his band for the 2002 Catalina Jazz Festival as well. I could listen to Mike play all day long...and still not get enough.


Envoy - Envoy is the singer/songwriter trio of Kary Burns, James Marsden, and Danny O'Very. I was lucky enough to produce and arrange their first album along with other tracks on subsequent projects. I am proud to be able to say I helped them get their start (although, if I hadn't someone else would have)!


Ana G - Many moons ago, Ana and I performed in restaurants and clubs in Sacramento, CA. She is an amazing vocalist, and I was lucky to share the stage with her. She went on to help many artists find their way in the music industry with the Ana G Vocal Center. After 25+ years, I was able to jump back into her life and help with some of the music chores at the Center. I was lucky enough to even to see some of their shows recently, and it was simply an amazing experience. I am proud to now be a small part of the Ana G Vocal Center family!


Sue Krupa - Sue and I first worked together when we were in our 20's, but lost track of each other over the years. In 2015, yet another FaceBook miracle occured, and we were reunited. She was working on project that needed a revamp on a tune she had recorded back in the day. I took a stab at it, and she loved it. One thing lead to another, and I ended up contributing a great deal to her "I Just Looked Up" CD. I had forgotten how much I loved her voice and her approach to songs. What a joy it was to work with her again after all these years!


Tami René - I've known Tami for many years but had no idea she had the seed of a musician planted lovingly in her heart. She let that seed grow little by little until it blossomed into some wonderful songs many years later. Her project was an absolute joy to work on because she cherished every moment of the journey. Through her, I was able to feel all the joys that an artist experiences creating their first CD. I am so grateful she chose me to be part of her project.


Triton Taylor - Triton is a new, up and coming talent out of Sacramento. Groomed at Ana G's Vocal Center, I was lucky enough to put a couple arrangements together for a couple of his tunes. He is a serious package of talent that will be worth keeping an eye on. I only wish I had his voice! Great stuff.


Kelly V - I played in Kelly's band that one the Battle of the Band's competition that took us to Austin Texas to showcase Kelly's music. Kelly is one of the more talented singer/songwriters I have played with...a complete package of talent, stage presence, and attitude. She was so much fun to work with!


Michael Webb - I still consider Michael one of the first real contemporary/inspirational Christian artists/composers in Salt Lake City. His outstanding writing influenced inspirational music for years after he first arrived on the scene. Michael had me arrange several projects for him along with some co-writing opportunities. We even performed together for a little while as a two-man band!


This Is Your Band - I have no choice but to list this band in my credits, as it was possibly one of the most rewarding and talented bands I have ever played with. TIYB is a Karaoke band...allowing singers to live their dream of singing with a live band, on a stage...and sound great. The band is led by Dave Wilbur on Bass, Guy Golightly on Guitar, and Rick "Sneeze" Senese on Drums...and man could these guys play! Aside from making dreams come true (people literally left the stage crying in joy), we had the challenge of not knowing what song was next. Garth Brooks? AC/DC? Frank Sinatra? Stevie Wonder? We had some charts to help, but more often than not, it one of us knew it, it would carry the rest of the band and we would play the tune for the first time together on the spot. It was an amazing rush as a musician. Upon going back to school to finish my MBA, I had to leave the band...and miss them greatly!


Party Train - I played keyboards in a 10-piece R&B, old school, band with horns, and percussion. It was a gas, as that era of music had some fun, keyboard-centric music. We played mostly corporate engagements and were lucky to play for several city 4th of July parties where the entire town comes out to dance. Too much fun!