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Artist Tami Rene puts it all out there in her music. Randy was so proud of her efforts and the two CDs they produced together. What he loved about Tami was that she was fearless. She had never made a CD before, but she did not let that keep her from trying all sorts of music ideas.

The journey went like this...

  • Over the course of a her life, she had written several poems that she new she wanted to turn into songs someday.
  • She took some Community Education Guitar Classes
  • She started writing songs
  • She brought the songs to Randy

Tami knew her demo skills would not convey all that she was going after with her music. So, she would provide some additional songs from some of her favorite artists, "Can we make it sound a little like this?"

In the end, it sounded all like Tami Rene, and she was so excited about the journey that she eagerly accepted Randy's request to post before and after examples of her music. What you are hearing are the actual demos Tami provided Randy, and then you hear it crossfade into the final CD track. The results are staggering!